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Greetings Minions, Nemeses, Villains and Loyal Subjects! Dicktor Van Doomcock here, welcoming you to my new website, DVDrants.com! While Doomcock has been perfectly happy answering questions and comments on the YouTube feedback channels, Doomcock is quite worried that YouTube may eventually collapse, given all the shit that's going on with Net Neutrality. Doomcock needed a forum for uncensored views, just in case YouTube goes away...and so, here it is! (Or a very rough placeholder to start with, at least - Doomcock whipped this up in an afternoon, but I want to share my plans for this site with you, because you're a big part of it!

In addition to posting news about upcoming television shows and films here, I intend to provide you with Disqus forums where we can interact freely, again without any restraints (other than hate speech and threats...Doomcock will have none of that! So basically, though in its fetal stage at this moment, eventually this site will be a place for followers of Doomcock to gather, bitch, foment rebellion against bad movies and wretched TV, and eventually take over the pop culture world! So check back here soon...I'm designing Doomcock t-shirts, mugs, and other items o' swag to further the aim of world domination...these items will be posted to the right in that column, along with links and other items of interest...so thanks for checking out this page, and check back soon...Doomcock merch will be available shortly - a must have for every burgeoning villain!



Merchandise for Doomcock fans!

Doomcock is busily designing cool new images for those who wish to make proclaim their allegiance to Doomcock out in the mundane world!

Doomcock knows for certain he will be offering t-shirts and mugs, but if have any suggestions along those lines, feel free to drop me a line at darthdoomcock@gmail.com and tell me what you're looking for!