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This is where we'll eventually post news items (like the EA loot box fiasco, or the Disney acquisition of Fox) presenting you all with forums where you can interact with Doomcock and each other when Doomcock is busy plotting world domination or filming more YouTube videos! This will likely be an organizational page with links leading to news items, which will receive their own unique pages...as Doomcock said, he's doing this site very quickly as a placeholder...the Doomcock Empire is growing faster than Doomcock anticipated, and he's scrambling to catch up!

And as I stated before, I will provide you with Disqus forums to discuss each news story (or batch of news stories if they're small mentions)! Doomcock is very suspicious that changes are coming to YouTube, so this website is a place where Doomcock can still post his videos...in the event of an Internet emergency scattering my legion to the winds, reconvene here for instructions!



Merchandise for Doomcock fans!

Doomcock is busily designing cool new images for those who wish to make proclaim their allegiance to Doomcock out in the mundane world!

Doomcock knows for certain he will be offering t-shirts and mugs, but if have any suggestions along those lines, feel free to drop me a line at darthdoomcock@gmail.com and tell me what you're looking for!